APPOS - Boston

March 4th - March 5th, 2022

Your Conference Access


This information is only applicable to those who are registered for the conference.

We look forward to seeing you at APP Oncology Summit - Boston this weekend!

How to Access the Conference

Click the link below to activate your conference access via the Horizon CME app.
Instructions on how to navigate the app will be provided below. 

(If your login email is your work email and you are unable to get access to your work email during the weekend,
you will need to reset your profile to your personal email)

After accepting the privacy policy, you will receive a follow-up email with a direct link to the event content.
Click here to Activate your Conference Access
Please Note: if you are accessing this link via phone, tablet, or mobile device, you will be redirected to download the Horizon CME app, where you will be able to activate your conference access and navigate your conference on a mobile setting. However, for a more robust virtual conference experience, please use the web app via your desktop or laptop (more details below). 
 Technology Requirements 
  • Accessing the virtual platform from a desktop or laptop: 
    - Google Chrome Browser is required. Please do not use Internet Explorer or Firefox.
    - Webcam and microphone is required if you are participating in the Virtual Exhibit Hall 
    - High speed internet
  • Accessing the virtual platform from a mobile device: 
    - Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the app
    - Ample space on your phone for the app
    - High speed internet
Key Tips
Please view the virtual platform tutorial while you explore the app before the event begins. The overview will show you how to navigate our app, how to participate in exhibit booths, how to participate in our raffles & donations, and more!
  Use the Web App
For your convenience and ease of access, we strongly recommend using a desktop or laptop to access the conference instead of a mobile device. You may want to bookmark the conference to your browser bookmarks for your ease of access. Please note that you will not be able to fully participate in the Raffle & Donations Activity Challenge if you are accessing the conference through a mobile device.

• Explore and Get Familiar with the App Beforehand
To make the most of your experience, we encourage you to log in to the web app at your convenience to get familiar with the features available. There will be an overview of how to utilize the app in this email and in the side menu bar of the app. 

• Engage in the Raffle & Donations Activity Challenge
As an attendee, you will receive points for participating in the Virtual Exhibit Booths and exploring the Sponsor Information that count towards a number of prizes and incentives. Find out more and see full details on the Raffle & Donations Activity Challenge page of the app. You can even begin accruing points towards your Activity Challenge before the conference begins!
What to Expect

Conference Start - Friday, February 18, 2022 - 8:00am (EST)
You will start the day in the Welcome & Introductions session at 8:00am, Eastern Time Zone. Each session of the conference will be streamed live via the Horizon CME app, and you will be able to take notes, participate in live polling, and engage in Q&A within the app. You can access each session individually directly from the Agenda & Live Stream page by clicking into the session. You will also be directed to the next session at the end of each session directly if you are attending for the entire day.
Please contact if you have any last-minute questions, and we look forward to seeing this weekend!